Our Prefects 2019

Learning Programmes

As a public school, Mid- Ennerdale Primary follows the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy (CAPS) system of education.
Subjects include:

  • English (First Language)

  • Afrikaans (Second Language)

  • Mathematics

  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)

  • Natural Science

  • Life Orientation (LO)

  • Music and Drama

  • Art

  • Economic and Management Science (EMS) – Grade 7 only

  • Technology – Grade 7 only

From Grades 1-3, learners will have a main class teacher, with breakaways for specialist subjects such as Art, Music and Drama, and Physical Education.

From Grades 4-7, children are assigned to a register teacher, and then move around the school during periods to subject specialists.

Physical Education forms part of the school’s curriculum and learners from Grades 1-7 participate in this activity.

Please click here for more information on promotion requirements for Grades 1-7.