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19th October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers, please find a copy of our newsletter for this week.

Welcome Back Grade 7's

We had missed you all. Welcome back our lovely learners of Grade 7. We look forward to welcoming the other Grade's as time comes. Stay safe and sanitized.

Mid- Ennerdale Primary COVID19

Communication to Parents detailing information for the coming back to school of the Grade 7's.

Welcome Back Grade 7's

One of the stations the learners must report to since returning to school.

Mid-Ennerdale Primary School

Johannesburg South District. Foundation Phase Life Skills Celebration 2020

Grade R Sports Day 2020
Womans Day

Celebrating Woman's Day 2019 at Mid-Ennerdale Primary School.

Birthdays at Mid-Ennerdale

We celebrate each child's birthday in our Grade R. We make every child feel special on their day.

Staff member farewell

Saying goodbye to our schools first Grade R teacher, who is mivong to a school closer to her home. Go well and thank you for all your contributions to

Mid-Ennerdale Primary Staff

Our Staff of 2018 in the official staff photo. As soon as we have taken the 2019 pictures, they will all be updated on the schools website for you all.

learning taking place
Our LSM class
Our Prefects 2019

Our leadership group of Prefects for 2019, taking a picture with the coordinators Mrs. Jaffar and Mr. Coetzer

Around about Mid-Ennerdale Primary

everyone say "Mid-Ennerdale is the best!".

Inter Primary Sports Day 2019

All our athletes for 2019 did the school very proud at the inter primary schools meeting. Well done to everyone who took part and represented our school.

Inside the Mid-Ennerdale Primary School

Different primary schools represented at Mid-Ennerdale Primary during the spelling bee competition of 2018.

Teachers during Goliath & Goliath visit

Teachers listening to some comedy from Goliath & Goliath.

Performance at Mid- Ennerdale Primary

School Principal welcomes the parents, pupils and all the stakeholders of Mid-Ennerdale Primary school and wishes a prosperous and successful year ahead.

Around about Mid-Ennerdale Primary

Learning already in progress for 2019. Our staff and learners have settled in and the business of learning and teaching is in progress. All the best for the academic year ahead.

Around about Mid-Ennerdale Primary

Some of our Foundation Phase learners taking a picture outside their classroom.

SGB Election meeting

We thank all the parents who support the school and attend meetings. Your contribution is appreciated and invaluable. please contact the school if you have any means you can help the school, or may know where and how the school can get assistance with its fundraising efforts and such.

Spelling bee at Mid - Ennerdale Primary

Spelling Bee held at Mid- Ennerdale Primary School Hall. Well done to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners.


Some of our past. Do you know the people on the picture?

Teachers with Goliath & Goliath

The comedians Goliath & Goliath visited the school for some comedy with the learners and staff. here are some of our staff members taking a picture with the comedians. We thank you for visiting our school and giving back to our people.

Louisa-Prince Library

A piece of history that is inter connected with Mid-Ennerdale Primary School.